What’s on locally

The Biscuit Factory
Autumn Exhibition – free admission 6th September to 3rd November
The Biscuit Factory welcomes painter, printmaker and sculptor Henrietta Corbett.
New work from: Cheryl Culver, Raquel Alvarez Sardina and Richard Sowman
New to the Gallery: Annie Waring Deborah Grice, Jill Tate and Michael St. Clair.

Paris can stay in bed  – Simon Le Ruez
3rd October to 2nd November Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 5 pm
Matthew Smith  – same dates.

Laing Gallery
The Enchanted Interior: 12TH October – 22nd February.
Always on show: Northern Spirit – celebrating artists, manufacturers and makers from the north east of England.

What’s on at the gallery

New gallery interior showing the Pioneers of Pop exhibition, photo by Colin Davidson

ARTIST ROOMS Roy Lichtenstein
An exhibition of works by American Pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein – Until 4 January 2020

Heather Ross: All the Better to Hear You With
A preformative installation in dialogue with the work of Kurt Schwitters – Until 15 February 2020

Lothar Götz: Fairground Abstract
An immersive wall painting by artist Lothar Götz – 5 October 2019 – 4 January 2020



Gallery Opening Times: Monday to Saturday. 10am to 5pm

What’s on at the Gallery? Summer 2019

New gallery entrance and shop, photo by Colin Davidson

Some exhibitions in the gallery over the summer:

Gallery Opening Times: Monday to Saturday. 10am to 5pm