Gallery reopening November 7

Collage by artist Linder

The Gallery will reopen on November 7, with the Linder Sterling exhibition, Linderism. There will also be access to the Merz Barn.

To ensure visitor and staff safety through social distancing there will be a one way system.

Visitors will be limited to a maximum capacity of 40 (or 10 in any given space at any time) for the whole Gallery.

An online booking system will be in place (link to follow). It is proposed that the Gallery opening hours will remain the same.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further announcements.

Collage bought with the help of FotH funds

Linder, Untitled, 1979, photomontage, 27 x 22 cm. Photo: Todd White.

Earlier this year, Julie Milne the Chief Curator of Art Galleries requested financial help from the Friends to purchase an early collage piece by Liverpool born artist Linder Sterling. Linder’s work came to prominence in the Manchester punk scene in the late 1970s. She featured in the Hatton Gallery’s recent “Exploding Collage” exhibition.

The collage was bought partly by funds from the Contemporary Art Society who said of the work, “Untitled is a 1979 collage that is perhaps less immediately confrontational than some of her work, but it sits squarely within the concerns that have been at the core of Linder’s practice for more than thirty years.  White goods, cooking utensils and cutlery have featured repeatedly as signifiers of the domestic sphere that was for so long considered the appropriate setting for women.  In Untitled, the home itself is presented as a teetering monolith, women’s faces peering through the windows and doors. Like Alice in Wonderland, the women have become absurdly too large for the buildings and threaten to be no longer confined by them  – be they palatial mansions or modest suburban semis.”

Image: Linder, Untitled, 1979, photomontage, 27 x 22 cm.
Photo: Todd White. © Linder. Courtesy the artist & Modern Art, London