A talk by artist Enrique Azcobar

A painting by Enrique Azcobar

The talk will take place on Saturday May 11th 2019, 11am – 1pm, in the Learning Room at the Hatton Gallery. Refreshments will be provided.

Enrique’s talk is entitled Sculptural Dimension of Constructing a picture, a ‘harmony parallel to nature’. He is a practicing artist in Hexam and an invited Lecturer at the University of Durham Anthropology Department.

Enrique will analyse and discuss one of his large paintings during the presentation.

Note: This talk is part of the Contemporary Art Club and is only accessible to Friends of the Hatton.

No booking necessary for Enrique’s talk.

A note from the Friends Committee

Welcome to the March Bulletin. With the Annual General Meeting set for 6th April (full details of the AGM are in this edition) this is the last issue before the annual committee elections.

There have been many successful and well attended talks and events over the last twelve months. Thanks for organising these go to Tomke, Jo and Maggie . These included at least one new venture – a Christmas Market in December which,  despite taking place on a day that had one of the worst weather forecasts of the year enjoyed a good attendance with an excellent seasonal atmosphere.

Our latest on-going venture is the Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton and more  information about this burgeoning initiative is set out in this edition.

The 2018 Members Summer Exhibition in the Long Gallery saw a return to a format in which member’s artwork were not restricted to small works. Previously, for several years, the format had been limited to a size that might not necessarily have suited all practitioners’ methods of working. The Exhibition, in which Members artwork filled the gallery space, was very well attended over several open weeks in July and August.

Finally, our Events Organiser, Tomke, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Henrietta, on 23rd February. We all send our very best wishes to Tomke, Hanno and Henrietta on this happy event.

2018-19 Committee

  • Chair: Geoff Mills
  • Secretary: Richard Thompson
  • Treasurer: John Dance
  • Events Organiser: Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis
  • Talks/Lectures Organisers: Jo Cousin and Maggie Bassendine
  • On-Line Media Co-ordinator: Roger Newbrook
  • Editor – Bulletin: Heather Baker
  • Other Committee Members:
    • Bob Young
    • Simon Court
    • Pamela Parrish

The committee are always appreciative of members’ comments, ideas and contributions. Please contact the current Secretary, Richard Thompson.

Missed Opportunities?

Have you missed any of these events in recent months? These are just a few things you might not have heard about: All of these were free to Friends of the Hatton.

Why have you not heard about these?

It’s probably because you have not let us have your email address for the specific purpose of informing you about such events. Some events, like these can be last minute opportunities or fall outside the deadlines for the Friends Bulletin which we aim to publish every two months.

Don’t miss out in future. Simply email the Secretary to have your contact details put on our news flash data base.

(Your contact details are protected under the General Data Protection Regulations).

Some important dates for your 2019 Diary

  • 6th April. Annual General meeting.
    While it is not necessary to book for the AGM, it is necessary to let us know if you wish to stay for a complementary lunch afterwards (about 12.30pm). Please use the booking form on the AGM papers at the end of this bulletin.
  • 13th July to 3rd August. Summer Exhibition.
    As in previous years, the opportunity to show work in the 2019 Summer Exhibition will be restricted to Members of Friends of the Hatton. It is hoped that this advanced notice will help some artists, who prefer a good lead in period, to plan their work.

    In 2018 we accepted work without specifying sizes and this worked well. However, we did add the caveat that there may be space restrictions and therefore some limitation on entry numbers. We expect to be doing the same this year.

    Entry forms and full details will be set out in the May Bulletin.

Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton (CACH) – Exclusive to Friends of the Hatton

New gallery entrance, photo by Colin Davidson

The next meeting is Saturday 23 March 11am to 1pm in the Learning Room of the Hatton Gallery.

This will include a group discussion about drawing. Please bring along one of your own drawings or images which you have strong feelings about or have responded to in anyway.

The idea behind CACH is to give an opportunity for Friends of the Hatton who are interested in meeting informally to talk about art. ‘Contemporary’ was added to the title to encourage exploration of art produced now.

There have been three meetings so far in November, January and February. At the February meeting we were pleased to welcome Richard Talbot, Professor of Fine art at the University. Richard’s talk was entitled ‘Rediscovering the Past and Celebrating the Future, the Redevelopment of the Hatton Gallery’. This fascinating talk was very well attended and provided a well-informed insight in to the development of the Hatton Gallery over the years. Many thanks to Richard Talbot and also to Maggie Bassendine for organizing it.

CACH is a new venture and we are gradually evolving an informal structure for the meetings, for example, breaking into smaller groups if a large number attend. Everyone then can have the opportunity to discuss interests and hear what is being said. At each meeting we will decide on an idea to talk about at the following meeting.

In addition, we aim to have a guest speaker every alternate month when all members of the Friends would be invited to attend. These events will be advertised in the Bulletin or through ‘Updates by Email’ depending on time constraints.

If you are interested in joining CACH or want more details please contact Marion.

Remember, this is only accessible to Friends of the Hatton.

Annual General Meeting 2019

The AGM will take place in the Learning Room in the Hatton Gallery, 6th April 2019, 10.00am for 10.15am

Show and Talk

We are again inviting members to bring in items from their collection which they can share with other members and explain their feelings about it. Please contact the Secretary if you wish to show an item


Please sign the attendance sheet in circulation.
10.00 Coffee and biscuits
10.15 Show and Talk
10.45 Friends website redesign. Roger Newbrook will present a new version of the website (created using WordPress) and demonstrate how it works.
11.00 Meeting commences
12.30 Lunch (please complete the booking form below if you wish to stay for lunch)


  1. 1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Professor Eric Cross. President
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. To receive the minutes of the 2018 AGM
  5. Zoe Allen, Hatton Participation Officer: Gallery report
  6. Chairs Report
  7. Treasurers Report
  8. Secretarys Report
  9. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair, Officers* and Committee Members** for 2019-20
  10. Other Business
    a. Proposal by 2018-19 Committee.
    With effect from today, committee post holders are exempt from paying membership fees during the period they occupy the post.
  11. Closing Remarks

*Offices in addition to Chair and Vice-Chair
NB posts marked (2) can be a single post or a shared role for two people

  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer
  3. Events Co-ordinator
  4. Talks and lectures Co-ordinator (2)
  5. On-Line Media Co-ordinator
  6. Editor – Bulletin
  7. **Other committee Members:
    Two vacancies.