A note from the Friends Committee

Welcome to the March Bulletin. With the Annual General Meeting set for 6th April (full details of the AGM are in this edition) this is the last issue before the annual committee elections.

There have been many successful and well attended talks and events over the last twelve months. Thanks for organising these go to Tomke, Jo and Maggie . These included at least one new venture – a Christmas Market in December which,  despite taking place on a day that had one of the worst weather forecasts of the year enjoyed a good attendance with an excellent seasonal atmosphere.

Our latest on-going venture is the Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton and more  information about this burgeoning initiative is set out in this edition.

The 2018 Members Summer Exhibition in the Long Gallery saw a return to a format in which member’s artwork were not restricted to small works. Previously, for several years, the format had been limited to a size that might not necessarily have suited all practitioners’ methods of working. The Exhibition, in which Members artwork filled the gallery space, was very well attended over several open weeks in July and August.

Finally, our Events Organiser, Tomke, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Henrietta, on 23rd February. We all send our very best wishes to Tomke, Hanno and Henrietta on this happy event.

2018-19 Committee

  • Chair: Geoff Mills
  • Secretary: Richard Thompson
  • Treasurer: John Dance
  • Events Organiser: Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis
  • Talks/Lectures Organisers: Jo Cousin and Maggie Bassendine
  • On-Line Media Co-ordinator: Roger Newbrook
  • Editor – Bulletin: Heather Baker
  • Other Committee Members:
    • Bob Young
    • Simon Court
    • Pamela Parrish

The committee are always appreciative of members’ comments, ideas and contributions. Please contact the current Secretary, Richard Thompson.

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