A letter from the Chairman Sept 2018

Dear Friends

Now that the Gallery has settled down after its refit so has the Friends committee. New members have joined our ranks and we welcome Roger Newbrook, who has taken on the task of looking after our online media work, including maintaining Facebook and our Twitter page and regularly updating our website – http://www.friendsofthehatton.org.uk. We also welcome Jo Cousin and Maggie Bassendine who between them are working on putting together a programme of Talks and Lectures, starting with a talk by local artist Fiona Gray at the end of October (please see upcoming events for more details).
There is still a vacancy for Vice Chair.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted works for the Friends’ Summer exhibition in the Long Gallery, and also thank all of you you who came to see the work. Unfortunately, as we did not have enough invigilators to cover all opening hours, we could not make an accurate assessment of the numbers of members of the public who attended. However from what figures we do have we can say that it has been a hit and was very well attended, particularly during the week of the graduation ceremonies. Please see the report from Richard on the next page for a more detailed account.

We have, as a result of our exhibition, recruited several new members and I hope they enjoy the activities which are at presently being planned.

The committee has been approached by the Gallery to help in purchase of a work of art created by Kate Liston. This is an installation piece which was recently exhibited in the Gallery in an exhibition of Kate’s work. The committee unanimously agreed to give the £500.00 requested.

I thank you for your continued support.

Geoffrey Mills

No Winter Exhibition this year

With regret we have decided not to hold a Winter Exhibition this year, this is due to only a restrictive 2 week time slot being available to hold the exhibition, which would have had to taken place during when the University and Hatton Gallery were closed over the Christmas period. The Committee has decided it would not be feasible to hold the  exhibition as the exhibition would not receive the number of visitors that it would deserve. We are going to begin preparation for the Winter exhibition a lot earlier in 2019 so that we hope this situation will not happen again.

We have though come up with a festive alternative, our first ever Christmas Market, which I hope many of you will attend or even apply to have a stall! Details on date and times and how to apply can be found here.

FOTH Contemporary Art Club

Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton logo

Saturday 10 November 2018, 11:00 – 13:00, Learning Room Hatton Gallery

We are exploring the idea of starting a club for FOTH members who are interested in contemporary art.

While members would eventually help set the content and direction of the club, a broad outline in the initial stages would be:

  • Meet once per month in the Learning area of the Hatton
  • Clarify what it is we​ mean by ‘contemporary art’
  • Discuss art work, exhibitions, research in a supportive and relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Share experiences, techniques and knowledge
  • Show finished work or work in progress to the group
  • Encourage and support interest in contemporary art
  • Share unwanted art materials and equipment
  • Eventually show art work in a public exhibition
  • A key step would be to set the broad agenda for future meetings.

The first meeting would begin with a bit of socialising (tea, coffee and biscuits). Then to make a link to the gallery, members could look at the current exhibitions followed by a discussion.

THIS IS A FRIENDS ONLY EVENT! If you are interested but not yet a Friend of the Hatton you can join here:

20 places avleailable
Cost: free for members
If you have any questions or would like to register your interest please contact: fothevents@gmail.com

A call out for Submissions

We have been approached by the gallery with a request to look further toward putting together a publication about the history of the Friends of the Hatton and / or the Hatton; this is an idea that was raised by the committee several months ago and was discussed to some extent, but nothing developed any further – partly due to the recent upheaval we have had with losing and recruiting committee members. However now that the committee is back to full strength this is something we can again begin to focus on.

We are particularly interested in the social history aspect of the Organisation and the Hatton Gallery, and we would love to hear your thoughts and memories of your times with the Hatton; whether it be sentimental, anecdotal or perhaps a little more serious, we would like to learn about and include your experiences within the publications.
If you wish to contribute a story or a thought about your time with the Friends and the gallery please do get in touch with me at habaker86@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you

Heather Baker

A report on the Summer Exhibition 2018

I am pleased to report on the huge success of our recent Summer Exhibition which ran between 12th July to 3rd August.

This was a return to a format which lifted size restrictions on artwork. This was reflected in the range of submissions, with many exhibitors returning to their preference for slightly larger works. 34 members submitted artwork. Almost all entered two items bringing the total for the exhibition to 66. Four works were sold producing over £50 in commission for the gallery. The income from fees was £340 which is a healthy addition to the Friends balances.

There was very well attended preview, to which all were invited, on the evening of 12th July. Wine, soft drinks and an excellent buffet were on offer.

Many members, together with some of their partners and gallery staff helped at all key stages during the lead in period and during the exhibition. This included the attendance of invigilators from our membership for approximately 40% of the available time. The head count of visitors recorded during that period, when extrapolated, comes to 590. There were also many positive comments entered in the visitors book.

Richard Thompson
Friends of the Hatton Committee 2018/19

Grant to the Gallery

Charm (Feel After the New See) by Kate Liston

At its meeting of 21st August the Friends Committee agreed to a request from Julie Milne, Curator at Tyne and Wear Museums (TWAM) for funding to purchase an item of artwork by Kate Liston. This followed her exhibition at the Hatton Gallery from February to May 2018.

Kate Liston’s installation at the Hatton was the first in a series of annual commissions inspired by the history, collection, architecture and archive of the gallery, in this case responding directly to a work in the collection by Ella Bergmann-Michel.

In a letter to the committee Julie wrote “A key part of the Hatton’s collecting policy is to acquire works by artists we have exhibited, and this is especially pertinent in the case of site-specific commissions made for the Hatton, wherein the gallery is the context for which the work was produced and in which it belongs.

“In the case of Kate Liston’s exhibition, there is one sculpture, Charm (Feel After the New See), 2018 which would be especially suitable to acquire for the Hatton collection. In fact, it’s illusion of shadow and perspective ties into a particular strength of the collection, so much so that it will be included in the forthcoming exhibition Louisa Hodgson: A New Perspective.

“The artist – a graduate of the Royal College of Art, whose work has been exhibited internationally – has kindly offered this work, along with archival material, to the Hatton at a significantly discounted price of £500. Both myself and the Keeper of Art Madeleine Kennedy are keenly in support of this acquisition, which meets the criteria of the Hatton’s collecting policy”.

In line with the Friends constitution the committee were pleased to agree to the full funding of £500.

A note from the Treasurer

As many of you will know the Friends banked originally with Lloyds and then with Lloyds TSB following the merger of 1995. Our account was a small business account of the sort commonly used by charities and we never had any problems. Following the break-up of the bank in 2013 the Friends’ account was arbitrarily transferred to the new TSB.

As result we are now experiencing many of the same difficulties as other TSB account holders, both personal and business. We are unable to use internet banking at all and there is no immediate prospect of being able to do so. We are therefore reliant upon traditional banking methods to conduct the Friends’ business. But while mechanisms for depositing funds, paying bills and receiving statements are still, at the moment, operative, it should be pointed out that TSB banking systems are nowhere near functioning efficiently and all transactions are taking an extremely long time to process.

I am therefore asking the Friends to be patient if their transactions are delayed. Matters are out of my hands. What I have done is to register an official complaint but any response to this can take up to 8 weeks, after which, if not resolved, it can be referred to the relevant Ombudsman.

John Dance, Treasurer
(dated 12 July 2018 following discussions with TSB staff)

What’s been happening in recent months at the Hatton?

The BA Fine Art degree show.

This was open to the public from 2nd to 16th June 2018.

Michael Lyons: Machines & Myths.

This exhibition explored two key themes which endure in Lyon’s work. From an early interest in steel works through to recent sculptures. Looking at symbolic figures and organic forms, the exhibition offered insight into the poetic imagination that underlies Lyons’ practice.

Louisa Hodgson: A New Perspective.

Louisa Hodgson taught at Kings College (now Newcastle University) from 1924 into the 1960s, specialising in perspective and technical methods. She was respected by staff and students for her precise depictions of architectural space. This exhibition united the extensive collection of Hodgson’s drawings held by the Hatton and Laing Art Galleries.

Fred Uhlman: The Making of an Englishman.

This exhibition sought not only to celebrate Uhlman’s life and work and his unique contribution to Hampstead’s cultural and political history, but also to reflect on one of the most turbulent periods in British and European history, as well as the universally relevant themes of migration and identity.

Other events​

Activities relating to Hatton exhibitions took place throughout May, June and July, including but not limited to:
The Late Shows on 19th May when 135 people joined in with art activities during the evening – this included designing tote bags and adding to a collaborative ‘tape installation’ inspired by Sean Scully’s paintings

A talk by Bill Varley on Sean Scully took place on 25th May.

Michael Lyons gave a talk about his work on 17 July and Rebecca Gee, Exhibitions Officer at the Laing Art Gallery, hosted Curator’s tours of the Louisa Hodgson exhibition.

A Collections Viewing Day took place on 21st July. The Learning Officer presented talks about the The Hatton’s Indian Miniatures which were displayed in the drawers in the Archive Room. This was supported by Indian Artists, who ran a miniature mandala painting workshop as a practical activity to complement the viewing.

The Archive and Study Space continues to be supported by volunteers who are currently researching the role of Professor Hatton in the development of the Hatton Gallery. The volunteers also deal with enquiries from the public regarding previous exhibitions or the Hatton collection.

Report on Art on Campus – Guided Tour with Prof Andrew Burton

Early July a dozen of members came along to our guided campus tour to look at the art displayed in the immediate environment of the Hatton Gallery.

art-on-campus-01Andrew Burton took us on a very interesting walk across Newcastle University’s campus – from Hillier’s Generation (‘the three heads’), to Campbell’s Escapology on top of Northern Stage, via the Herschel sculpture (Clarke’s Spiral Nebula) to the new Martin Luther King memorial (this is only to name a few examples; quite a few additional stops were included) as well as newly displayed exhibits of his own. He made us look at art and displays on campus that none of us had ever noticed before and also explained procedures of commission and decision-making for campus art. It was a great tour – thanks again to Prof Andrew Burton for a fantastic guided tour!

There’s information on Newcastle Uni’s Art on Campus here.

Two Intaglio print workshops

The print studio during one of our print workshops

Saturdays 24 November & 8 December 2018, 10:30 – 16:00 in the Learning Room Hatton Gallery

Caroline Coode and Vhairi Cardinal are returning for their popular Printmaking workshops. There will be the possibility to use one press to make intaglio prints. In order to broaden the experience of printmaking (and so that not all have to queue up for the one press!) Vhairi and Caroline will be introducing more possibilities for hand-burnished relief prints. This is a time honoured way that Japanese printers traditionally used. Further techniques could include collagraph, acetate drypoint, (intaglio) lino cut and Japanese woodblock (relief). All levels of ability welcome!

Both Vhairi and Caroline will be on hand to help you with your work.

Please bring ideas, enthusiasm and any special items you would like to use!

More details and how to register can be found on our Facebook page.