A letter from the Chairman Sept 2018

Dear Friends

Now that the Gallery has settled down after its refit so has the Friends committee. New members have joined our ranks and we welcome Roger Newbrook, who has taken on the task of looking after our online media work, including maintaining Facebook and our Twitter page and regularly updating our website – http://www.friendsofthehatton.org.uk. We also welcome Jo Cousin and Maggie Bassendine who between them are working on putting together a programme of Talks and Lectures, starting with a talk by local artist Fiona Gray at the end of October (please see upcoming events for more details).
There is still a vacancy for Vice Chair.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted works for the Friends’ Summer exhibition in the Long Gallery, and also thank all of you you who came to see the work. Unfortunately, as we did not have enough invigilators to cover all opening hours, we could not make an accurate assessment of the numbers of members of the public who attended. However from what figures we do have we can say that it has been a hit and was very well attended, particularly during the week of the graduation ceremonies. Please see the report from Richard on the next page for a more detailed account.

We have, as a result of our exhibition, recruited several new members and I hope they enjoy the activities which are at presently being planned.

The committee has been approached by the Gallery to help in purchase of a work of art created by Kate Liston. This is an installation piece which was recently exhibited in the Gallery in an exhibition of Kate’s work. The committee unanimously agreed to give the £500.00 requested.

I thank you for your continued support.

Geoffrey Mills

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