A report on the Summer Exhibition 2018

I am pleased to report on the huge success of our recent Summer Exhibition which ran between 12th July to 3rd August.

This was a return to a format which lifted size restrictions on artwork. This was reflected in the range of submissions, with many exhibitors returning to their preference for slightly larger works. 34 members submitted artwork. Almost all entered two items bringing the total for the exhibition to 66. Four works were sold producing over £50 in commission for the gallery. The income from fees was £340 which is a healthy addition to the Friends balances.

There was very well attended preview, to which all were invited, on the evening of 12th July. Wine, soft drinks and an excellent buffet were on offer.

Many members, together with some of their partners and gallery staff helped at all key stages during the lead in period and during the exhibition. This included the attendance of invigilators from our membership for approximately 40% of the available time. The head count of visitors recorded during that period, when extrapolated, comes to 590. There were also many positive comments entered in the visitors book.

Richard Thompson
Friends of the Hatton Committee 2018/19

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