What’s been happening in recent months at the Hatton?

The BA Fine Art degree show.

This was open to the public from 2nd to 16th June 2018.

Michael Lyons: Machines & Myths.

This exhibition explored two key themes which endure in Lyon’s work. From an early interest in steel works through to recent sculptures. Looking at symbolic figures and organic forms, the exhibition offered insight into the poetic imagination that underlies Lyons’ practice.

Louisa Hodgson: A New Perspective.

Louisa Hodgson taught at Kings College (now Newcastle University) from 1924 into the 1960s, specialising in perspective and technical methods. She was respected by staff and students for her precise depictions of architectural space. This exhibition united the extensive collection of Hodgson’s drawings held by the Hatton and Laing Art Galleries.

Fred Uhlman: The Making of an Englishman.

This exhibition sought not only to celebrate Uhlman’s life and work and his unique contribution to Hampstead’s cultural and political history, but also to reflect on one of the most turbulent periods in British and European history, as well as the universally relevant themes of migration and identity.

Other events​

Activities relating to Hatton exhibitions took place throughout May, June and July, including but not limited to:
The Late Shows on 19th May when 135 people joined in with art activities during the evening – this included designing tote bags and adding to a collaborative ‘tape installation’ inspired by Sean Scully’s paintings

A talk by Bill Varley on Sean Scully took place on 25th May.

Michael Lyons gave a talk about his work on 17 July and Rebecca Gee, Exhibitions Officer at the Laing Art Gallery, hosted Curator’s tours of the Louisa Hodgson exhibition.

A Collections Viewing Day took place on 21st July. The Learning Officer presented talks about the The Hatton’s Indian Miniatures which were displayed in the drawers in the Archive Room. This was supported by Indian Artists, who ran a miniature mandala painting workshop as a practical activity to complement the viewing.

The Archive and Study Space continues to be supported by volunteers who are currently researching the role of Professor Hatton in the development of the Hatton Gallery. The volunteers also deal with enquiries from the public regarding previous exhibitions or the Hatton collection.

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