A note from the Treasurer

As many of you will know the Friends banked originally with Lloyds and then with Lloyds TSB following the merger of 1995. Our account was a small business account of the sort commonly used by charities and we never had any problems. Following the break-up of the bank in 2013 the Friends’ account was arbitrarily transferred to the new TSB.

As result we are now experiencing many of the same difficulties as other TSB account holders, both personal and business. We are unable to use internet banking at all and there is no immediate prospect of being able to do so. We are therefore reliant upon traditional banking methods to conduct the Friends’ business. But while mechanisms for depositing funds, paying bills and receiving statements are still, at the moment, operative, it should be pointed out that TSB banking systems are nowhere near functioning efficiently and all transactions are taking an extremely long time to process.

I am therefore asking the Friends to be patient if their transactions are delayed. Matters are out of my hands. What I have done is to register an official complaint but any response to this can take up to 8 weeks, after which, if not resolved, it can be referred to the relevant Ombudsman.

John Dance, Treasurer
(dated 12 July 2018 following discussions with TSB staff)

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