Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton (CACH) – Exclusive to Friends of the Hatton

New gallery entrance, photo by Colin Davidson

The next meeting is Saturday 23 March 11am to 1pm in the Learning Room of the Hatton Gallery.

This will include a group discussion about drawing. Please bring along one of your own drawings or images which you have strong feelings about or have responded to in anyway.

The idea behind CACH is to give an opportunity for Friends of the Hatton who are interested in meeting informally to talk about art. ‘Contemporary’ was added to the title to encourage exploration of art produced now.

There have been three meetings so far in November, January and February. At the February meeting we were pleased to welcome Richard Talbot, Professor of Fine art at the University. Richard’s talk was entitled ‘Rediscovering the Past and Celebrating the Future, the Redevelopment of the Hatton Gallery’. This fascinating talk was very well attended and provided a well-informed insight in to the development of the Hatton Gallery over the years. Many thanks to Richard Talbot and also to Maggie Bassendine for organizing it.

CACH is a new venture and we are gradually evolving an informal structure for the meetings, for example, breaking into smaller groups if a large number attend. Everyone then can have the opportunity to discuss interests and hear what is being said. At each meeting we will decide on an idea to talk about at the following meeting.

In addition, we aim to have a guest speaker every alternate month when all members of the Friends would be invited to attend. These events will be advertised in the Bulletin or through ‘Updates by Email’ depending on time constraints.

If you are interested in joining CACH or want more details please contact Marion.

Remember, this is only accessible to Friends of the Hatton.

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