Member’s exhibition Shaun Flett

Assemblage: Persons and Location
The Old Lowlights, Clifford’s Fort, The Fish Quay, North Shields
19th of October until the 17th of November 2019

An exhibition comprising photographs, drawings and paintings by North Shields artists Shaun Flett and Peter Dixon.

Shaun has been a member of the Friends for many years and it is a pleasure to help promote a forthcoming exhibition of his works together with fellow artist Perter Dixon.

The focus of the work is centred on the depiction of the industrial River Tyne and North Shields and its people with works executed over a number of years.

Peter is a graphic designer, painter, photographer, historian and publisher while Shaun has taught art for over 30 years in Further Education throughout the north east. Shaun and Peter have both completed painting commissions and have shown their work in various exhibitions over many years.

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