Your new membership card

The committee is in the process of producing a lifetime single issue membership card. This will be issued once only instead of every year.  The new card, which is designed to last a number of years, will be much more robust than previous cards.

We will remind members at the end of each calendar year that their membership fee is due the following January. This reminder will be included in your normal two monthly bulletin which we send to all members.

This means that when someone has joined and wishes to continue as a member into subsequent years, they need to validate their membership card annually. This simply means they pay their membership fee each year either by cheque or by Standing Order. This is no different to the previous system except they do not receive a new card. Your single-issue card is simply validated in our records under your name.  It is this basic information we use to check individuals’ membership status at any given time.

Your new single issue membership card, which you should retain as long as you are a member, will be delivered to all those who have renewed their membership to date.

Richard Thompson

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