A Message from our new Social Media Coordinator

I’ve been a friend of the Hatton for a number of years and have enjoyed reading the bulletins, exhibiting work in the exhibitions and attending talks and events.

I have recently taken on the role of Social Media Coordinator for the Friends of the Hatton with the aim of increasing the visibility of our activities, increasing our membership and ultimately creating more revenue for the Hatton Gallery. As you probably know, we already have a website (www.friendsofthehatton.org.uk) but did you know we have a Facebook page too? We post details of all our events and activities as well as quick updates and last minute announcements.

If you already have a Facebook account, why not visit and “like” our page. You can also comment on our posts and “share” so even more people will hear about the events and activities of Friends of the Hatton!

Roger Newbrook, Social Media Coordinator

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