Review of the Day Workshops with Renira Barnes

11 Friends took part in Renira Barnes’ ‘Seasonal natural forms: drawing and painting creative day workshops’ in October. Renira brought in a selection of leaves, fruits, dried plants, etc. for the participants to choose from (see photo).

The selected object was then used as a primary reference throughout the day. To start with, Renira tasked the group with timed slots for sketching their chosen objects. This meant 3 x 30 seconds of sketching the object from different perspectives. An extended 2-minute slot of sketching and then another 2-minute session with the other hand followed this. After that participants were asked to sketch the object for another minute by focussing on the object only and not looking at the paper. She then asked to reverse this exercise by not looking at the object or former drawings but sketching for 1 minute from memory. Tasks of using different tools as well as methods to hold whatever drawing device you chose followed (see photos).

Following Renira’s instruction, both workshops’ fresh approaches were explored using line, tone and colour – Our artists enjoyed using the new techniques and we might we might be able to see some of the results at our Christmas market on 15 December – come along and have a look!

Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis, Event Coordinator

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