Report on CACH Lecture by Stephen Moonie

On 8th June members enjoyed the third in a series of Saturday morning Lectures organised by Maggie Bassendine for the Contemporary Art Club.

This Lecture, entitled ‘Conceptual Art in Britain and the US’ was delivered by Dr Stephen Moonie, an art historian at the University.  Normally these talks are presented in the Gallery learning room but on this occasion it was delivered in one of the main university lecture theatres.  The venues’ IT and layout added significantly to the enjoyment of the event.

Dr Moonie stressed that conceptual art proper was bound up with the cultural ides of the late 60’ and early 70’s.  Many people think that conceptual art is reflected in the work of Damian Hirst and Tracy Emin, for example.  But this is not strictly conceptual art. What an artist actually does was challenged by all conceptualists. This idea meant that conceptual art was not immediately appealing. Although many of the conceptualists started out as painters, the conceptual art of the late 60’s and 70’s was not necessarily beautiful or saleable.  Stimulating questions like ‘what actually makes art, art’  and ‘can an artist unmake artwork’ challenged the idea that artwork needs to be a ‘physical thing’

This was just a sample of the talk, which was most enjoyable and stimulated many questions from the audience.

If you are nterested in joining CACH (Contemporary Art Club at the Hatton)? Please email Marion Thompson

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